Refund policy

Unfortunately I have to write about the refund policy. 

Broc :

Unfortunately I have to write about the refund policy. Each broc is unique and personal. The colour of the wood may vary, some will have metal on them, some will be heavier than others etc. Because each broc is created specifically to order, unfortunately it is not possible to offer a refund for an order unless it is faulty. Every now and then, things can go wrong. If this is the case, then naturally a replacement or refund can be discussed.

Canvas bag, T shirt or jumper :

All of these item are pre made and ready to be posted once the order is placed, leaving no room for error in the creating process. Even so, it's still a possibility for you to order to wrong size / the wrong size is posted, in which case please send an email / a message to let me know and we can arrange an exchange. 

Nude :

The nudes are hand made so each and every one is unique and one of a kind. If you have any specific requests let me know by leaving a note with your order or send a message before hand to discuss you requests. Nudes are posted in tissue paper in a hard back envelope to avoid any damage during the posting process, and so there should be no need for a refund, but things are still able to go wrong from time to time, in which case send a message to discuss what's best to do.

Canvas :

Canvases are all made to your exact order : size, shape and colour. You're welcome to ask for a photo of your canvas before it's posted to ensure that you're happy with the finished piece. For these reasons I cannot offer a refund for any canvases unless a mistake has been made with the size / shape on HIWTI's side.

Thank you so much for understanding,

Mari x