Gel nails

This service is perfect for people working from home or for parents of young children - I come to you! I'll turn up with my box and set up in your house, all you need is a table, two chairs and a reasonably close plug.  With each of the services below your nails will be properly prepared to be painted with gel polish. Each service will end with cuticle oil and hand cream with a mini massage to rehydrate your hands and cuticles (if you prefer not to have this service, let me know!). 


Block color

The cheapest, fastest and simplest option. Once your nails have been prepped, choose from over 30 colours, or feel free to choose a number of different colours! Pick from an option of glossy or matte top layer. This service takes about an hour.

Simple art

This option is perfect if you'd like something just a bit arty: one or two nails with art and the others block colour, or simple art like dots or lines, little hearts or stars. If you're unsure which option to choose but know which design you'd like, please feel free to send an email or message and we can discuss what's best! This service should last about an hour and a half.


Intricate art

This is the most creative, most 'extra' option. Feel free to ask for anything with this option: different art on each finger, intricate patterns, animal patterns, all the  colours under the sun.. Whatever you like! Depending on what you choose this service should last about one and a half to two and a half hours.

Gel Removal

Remove any set of gel nails - whether they were done by hiwti or not! As long as the old set is just a gel. The gel is removed using foil and cotton wool balls, and then the nails are prepared - filed and the cuticles are tidied up. Then your nails are ready for a new set of gel paint, or we can be left naked - without a new set.