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HI THERE, welcome, and thank you for visiting the HIWTI website! I'm Mari, originally from Aberystwyth but currently living in Cardiff. Back in Christmas 2016 I created a map of Wales with a heart on Montgomeryshire as a present for Mam, on a piece of wood I found on the beach, with nails from a local shop, and thread from the sewing box in the kitchen cupboard. Mum’s reaction was so heartfelt that it inspired me to start this venture with the intention of warming other people's hearts.


In 2019 my sister asked me to create 2 nudes for her new bathroom - new territory for me at the time - but a great opportunity to experiment with my art and creativity! I really enjoyed the process and decided to offer nude line drawings as part of my business and before long my designs were being printed on T shirts. In summer 2020 i posted a photo to instagram with my belly on show.. And so the HIWTI body confidence journey begins!

By now HIWTI has evolved and grown quite a bit. I have been experimenting with a lot of different merch - bags, T shirts, canvases, mugs, hats - all sorts of things featuring my nudes.


A few years of experimenting and readjusting later and I've narrowed down the services and products that I offer to concentrate much harder on the things that work best for me and my customers.

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