HI THERE, welcome, and thank you for visiting the HIWTI website! I'm Mari, originally from Aberystwyth but currently living in Cardiff. Back in Christmas 2016 I created a map of Wales with a heart on Montgomeryshire as a present for Mam, on a piece of wood I found on the beach, with nails from a local shop, and thread from the sewing box in the kitchen cupboard. Mum’s reaction was so heartfelt that it inspired me to start this venture with the intention of warming other people's hearts. 

By now HIWTI has developed and grown to include more art! The abstract canvases come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit your specific, personal needs, and they come in any colours!

The abstract nudes are an attempt to boost confidence and love towards your own body, and to celebrate all body types. To take things a step further the nudes are now available to wear proudly on your chest / your bag!

HIWTI's main purpose is to make bespoke art affordable to everyone!