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Canvas - ready to go!

Canvas - ready to go!


These are canvases that I have already painted - expressing my creativity, with total freedom to do what I please! If you're someone who doesn't know exactly what you want or you're one of the many people who have told me that they're 'not creative enough' to order a commissioned piece... This is the perfect option for you! It rids you completely of any decision making - all you have to decide is which one you fancy! The name and measurements of each canvas is on each photo (i.e 12 X 12" - size of the canvas and 38mm - canvas depth). Simply pick you selection out of the drop down list below to add to your basket before you check out. As always; send a message / email if you have any questions - no such thing as a stupid question!


Disclaimer : The canvases will not be posted with a frame (these are for the aesthetics of the photos only). Photos are not always to scale.

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